Snooze It – Satin Pillowcase for Hair (2 colors)

Snooze It – Satin Pillowcase for Hair (2 colors)

Your nightly self-care routine shouldn’t stop at the sink. You’re about to spend 8+ rejuvenating hours in bed — so let’s make them count! Our unique dual-purpose satin pillowcase features two sides: a satin side for smooth, silky hair and radiant skin, and a soft, heart-shaped absorbent flannel side for when you want to go to sleep with wet or treated hair and not wake up to a drenched pillow.

Two-sided heart shape pillowcase is the best replacement of your cotton pillowcase with both satin and absorbent pillow sides.

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  • Absorbent soft flannel side lets you sleep with damp hair without drenching your pillow
  • Soft satin side controls frizz, smoothes, and pampers skin while also protecting eyelash extensions

How to

Slip our Snooze It™ pillowcase onto your pillow for some well-deserved beauty rest. Heading to bed with damp hair? Sleep on the soft flannel side to control moisture and sleep better. Dry hair? Sleep on the satin side and wake up to smoother skin and silkier hair.  

Made of

One side is satin, the other side is flannel
Composed of 100% polyester
Ask charlie

No more bedhead

Swap your traditional cotton pillowcase for our dual-sided powerhouse and wake up to gorgeous, silky hair and smooth, crease-free skin!

  • Frizzy hair
  • Creases
  • Friction
  • Sleep lines
  • Wet pillowcase

Slip, flip, snooze


Slip Snooze It™ onto your favourite pillow


Choose the absorbent soft flannel side or the silky satin side


And wake up to better hair and skin!

Better nights, smoother mornings

Every night is an opportunity...turn those hours of sleep into true beauty rest with Snooze It™, the pillowcase with heart!

    • Plush
    • Dual sided 
    • Ultra comfy 

Ask Charlie!

Yes! Wet hair + a regular pillowcase = a recipe for a soaked pillow and creased hair. Snooze It™ has an absorbent soft flannel side, perfect for those nights when you want to skip the heat tools and let your hair dry naturally.

Snooze It™’s satin side reduces friction, allowing your hair and skin to glide against the fabric. This means fewer creases and folds, plus less frizz and static. It’s also great for protecting eyelash extensions. To put it simply, the silk side is your best bet if you want to wake up to silkier hair and smoother skin!

About ⅓ of our lives are spent sleeping, so what we sleep on matters! When used long term, Snooze It™ helps prevent the formation of fine lines and wrinkles, prevents hair, brow, and eyelash loss, and makes hair healthier and shinier.

Caring for your Snooze It™ is easy:

  • When you first get your new Snooze It™, wash it in warm water with mild detergent. 

  • Machine wash weekly and tumble dry low. Please, no chlorine bleach!

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