Eye Luv It™ - Eye Makeup Remover

Eye Luv It™ - Eye Makeup Remover

Can’t resist a smokey eye or dramatic winged liner? Then Eye Luv It™ is a must-have! Our set of 2 ultra-soft eye makeup removing pads gently melt away heavy eye makeup only with water.

Get your hands on the best eye makeup remover – Eye luv it now!

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Designed in Canada


  • Completely removes heavy eye makeup with only water
  • Gentle on eyes, natural eyelashes, and eyelash extensions
  • Includes mesh bag for washing + travel

How to

Sliding two fingers into Eye Luv It™ gives you amazing precise control as you gently wipe from inner to outer corners of your eyes. Simply wet with warm water and go for it!

Made of

Ultra-soft 100% polyester microfiber 

Ask charlie

Take it all off!

Eye Luv It™ Eye makeup remover quickly washes away all your eye makeup with only water — no rubbing, tugging, or stinging eyes.

  • Harsh cleansers
  • Stinging eyes
  • Irritation
  • Wasteful wipes
  • Messy countertops

Wet, wipe, wink


Slide your fingers into each Eye Luv It™ pad and wet with warm water


Use gentle pressure to wipe away your eye makeup from inner to outer corners


Go on — give your gorgeous self a wink with those clean, natural eyes!

Tough on makeup, easy on the eyes

That dramatic eye look shouldn’t come with an equally dramatic removal process, amiright? Eye Luv It™ makes it super easy (and fun!) to take it all off.

    • Soft + gentle
    • Fast + simple
    • Super effective

Ask Charlie!

Yes! Eye Luv It™ is designed to effortlessly remove your eye makeup (concealer, eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara, falsies, etc.) with nothing but warm water and the pressure of your fingers. Super stubborn waterproof mascara? Adding a few drops of your favourite cleansing lotion should do the trick!

Nope! Eye Luv It™ contains no chemicals and won’t dissolve the lash glue. Simply follow the natural curve of the extensions and you’re good to go. 

Eye Luv It™ pads are made of 100% polyester, which acts like a magnet for eye makeup when you add warm water. 

Most eye makeup removers are oil-based, which can cause nasty breakouts. Plus, many include fragrances or ingredients that can sting your eyes. Cotton pads and balls leave lint residue, which can get into your eyes and scratch them. Disposable wipes are environmentally unfriendly, and traditional face cloths pull and tug at the delicate skin around your eyes, which is a big no-no if you want to avoid wrinkles down the line!

Uber-gentle Eye Luv It™ Eye makeup remover is super soft for the delicate skin around the eyes and is especially designed to quickly melt away your eye makeup with just water — no tugging, no irritation, no burning.

Care is simple: 

  • When you first get your Eye Luv It™ pads, wash them in the mesh bag (provided) with warm water and mild detergent.

  • After each use, we recommend washing by hand in warm water with a non-fragrant gentle soap, like one of our natural Marseille soaps. Squeeze well and rest to dry.

  • After a few uses, machine wash and tumble dry low in the mesh bag. Please, no chlorine bleach or fabric softener! 

After 6 months of daily use, replace with a new set of Eye Luv It™.

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