Baby Eye Luv It

Baby Eye Luv It

Baby Eye Luv It was designed to clean the area around a baby’s eyes because good eye hygiene prevents future infections in their eyes. 

Using only water, it’s organic dye-free cotton and polyester elastic band fabric is so delicate that it’s safe for use on babies, making it the go-to cleanser for your precious little one’s eyes. 

Being reusable, it environmentally friendly and safely labeled R (Right) and L (Left) to prevent cross contamination.   Includes a storage/wash pouch.

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Designed in Canada


  • Removes daily mucus from baby's eyes with only water
  • Gentle on baby's eyes and skin
  • Includes storage pouch bag for washing
  • Labeled R (Right) and L (Left) to prevent cross contamination

How to

Sliding two fingers into Baby Eye Luv It™ gives you amazing precise control as you gently wipe from inner to outer corners of your baby's precious eyes. Simply wet with warm water and go for it!

Made of

Each mini glove is made of 100% dye-free soft organic cotton, with a polyester elastic band 

Ask charlie

Work your gentle magic!

Baby Eye Luv It™ gently and easily wipes away all the goop built up in corners of your baby's eyes, with only water — no rubbing, tugging, or stinging eyes. Also use your fingers in the pads to gently massage your baby's face around the eyes to calm them when unsettled.

  • Stinging eyes
  • Irritation
  • Wasteful wipes

Wet, wipe, wink


Slide your fingers into each Baby Eye Luv It™ pad and wet with warm water


Use gentle pressure to wipe away dirt and mucus from inner to outer corners of baby's eyes


Go on — give your beautiful baby a wink and watch them smile back at you !

Ask Charlie!

Yes! Baby Eye Luv It™ is designed to effortlessly remove the daily build up of mucus and dust that may build over in your baby's eyes throughout the day or during nap time. 

Baby Eye Luv It™ contains no rough materials, nor chemical dyes, it is made of natural organic cotton. It is all natural and hypoallergenic, safe for babies eyes and skin.

Baby Eye Luv It™ pad is made of a soft absorbent organic cotton which acts like a magnet for dirt and mucus  by simply adding warm water.  Insert 2 fingers into each pad for full precise gentle control cleaning your baby's eyes.

Care is simple: 

- When you first get your Baby Eye Luv It™ pads, wash them in the included pouch with warm water and mild detergent that you use to wash your baby's cloths.

- After each use, we recommend washing by hand in warm water with a non-fragrant gentle soap, like one of our natural - - Marseille soaps. Squeeze well and rest to dry.

- After a few uses, machine wash and tumble dry low in the mesh bag. Please, no chlorine bleach or fabric softener! 

- After 3 months of daily use, replace with a new set of Baby Eye Luv It™. 

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