Hi, my name is charlie…..

Hey, gorgeous! I’m Charlie, and you can think of me as your personal guide to everything Cloth In A Box®. I’m here to help you embrace your inner and outer beauty. Let me show you how you can turn your tedious skin care routine into a fun and effective self-care routine.


Why Choose Cloth In A Box®?

Cloth In A Box® has the best products on the market to level up your skin care and self-care routines! We absolutely love the fact that our patented heart-shaped reusable cloths are super soft, and they remove your makeup, dirt, oils and impurities with only water alone.  And, yes, you read that correctly — help save our planet and save money by saying goodbye to disposable makeup wipes when you use our best-selling Reusable Face It® and Eye Luv It® premium makeup remover cloths and pads.  They are also better for you as you can toss those chemical cleansers away. We are so proud to provide you with smart effective products that are environmentally friendly and fun to use.  Get your glow on, and shop our skin care products

Face It

How You Can Incorporate Our Products Into Your Daily Skin Care Routine

We love a gorgeous full face of makeup, and at the end of the day, you need a skin-care routine that is simple, effective, and something you look forward to.

You can use our Face It ® Luxe makeup remover cloth which features our patented design with hand pockets to give you full control to contour and massage your face to effectively remove makeup, dirt, and oils leaving you with a radiant and beautiful glow!   Our Eye Luv It TM eye makeup remover pads will gently remove your smokey eyes with just water …  And it’s safe on eyelash extensions too!  How cool is that?  Use the Glove It  to show your whole body some love with light exfoliation and gentle foaming!  You also need your beauty rest after you’ve taken care of your skin, and we want to go one step further; use our Snooze It TM dual-purpose pillowcase to wake up with smooth and silky hair and radiant skin!  I love all of these products, and I just know that you will too!


Are you ready to change up your skin care routine and turn it into a self-care routine? I know you want to! Check out all of our Cloth In A Box® products that will leave your skin and your hair smooth, radiant and glowing.