Foot Cubbie™ warming blanket

Foot Cubbie™ warming blanket

YOU WILL FALL IN LOVE A patented blanket for your feet creates a soft pocketed warming cubbie which uses your body's own heat to eliminate cold feet without added bulk or electricity. FOOT CUBBIE's soft and flexible materials offer unmatched comfort and ease of movement.

YOUR FEET WILL THANK YOU Chilly or not, no problem, you will find your optimal individual comfort level by sliding your feet in or out of it's new little cubbie. So toss those bulky woolen socks and enjoy a peaceful night enveloped in a luscious natural warmth. We bet that you'll never want to sleep without your FOOT CUBBIE ever again!

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Super Soft Flannel & Premium Sherpa
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Designed in Canada


  • Designed to stay securely in place over the bottom fitted sheet, while hiding under your top sheet and duvet/bedspread.
  • Keeps in the heat all night for a deep sleep and better blood    circulation.  Say goodbye to cold, numb feet!
  • Easy to install, and washer and dryer friendly (care instructions on the label).
  • Reversible dual fabrics offers two different comfort experiences

How to

Easily installs in minutes with the included fastening Velcro® straps, Foot Cubbie sits at the end of your mattress, lying over your bottom sheet, and is covered with your top sheet and comforter/duvet.

Made of

Foot Cubbie is a 2-sided/reversible warming blanket, made of thick flannel one on side and a premium sherpa on the other.  

Ask charlie

A warm dream come true

Do your cold feet stop you from getting a good night's sleep? This ultra soft & comfortable pocketed blanket securely fits at the end of your bed, designed to keep those cold feet warm all night long.

  • Socks
  • Electric blankets
  • Falling or loose blankets

Strap, Slide, Snuggle


Install Foot Cubbie by strapping over your bottom sheet


Slide your cold feet into Foot Cubbie's warming pocket


Enjoy a warm, restful sleep all snuggled up on your Snooze It pillowcase dreaming of warm blissful places

Ask Charlie!

No way! Foot Cubbie is designed to stay in place even for the most aggressive sleepers  

Foot Cubbie is a warming blanket that uses your natural body temperature inside it's unique pocket and provide natural warmth to your cold feet. 

Foot Cubbie has 2 different materials, a flannel side and a sherpa side, each offering a unique experience. Reversing the Foot Cubbie allows you to experience different sensations on your skin. 

Care is simple: 

- When you first get your Foot Cubbie™ blanket, wash it with warm water and mild detergent 

- After a few uses, machine wash and tumble dry. Please, no chlorine bleach or fabric softener! 

- Foot Cubbie includes a mesh bag to store the Velcro® fastening straps when not in use.

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